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Whenever something doesn’t go quite as planned, people’s default response seems to be something along the lines of “don’t worry, everything happens for a reason”. Humans try to infer meaning to things because the brain cannot deal with the chaotic thoughts of coincidence and unpredictability. We often need to have a sense of closure or an explanation as to why things did or didn’t pan out (although let’s face it, most of us want this only when things don’t work out).

So what if I were to tell you that everything that happens in our lives has no meaning and…

Improving the site speed of our Isomorphic React App at Missguided

In 2020 Missguided began a journey to transition from a PHP and Vanilla JavaScript-based site architecture to serverless with a React front end. We are currently still in the transition phase, having made a significant amount of progress along the way. Alongside learning new things about micro-services and React, one of our main priorities is to consider the performance impact of what we create.

In 2017, Google conducted an analysis on mobile ad landing pages and found that page load time directly impacts the probability of a user bouncing and converting to varying degrees depending on just how slow the…

The new series starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant offers a comedic depiction of what it’s like to be stuck in lockdown

Image from BBC

The series opens with Michael Sheen and David Tennant partaking in the now typical way of attending a meeting during lockdown — a Zoom call. They discuss how the Welsh would best describe the current situation. As the starting credits roll in, Michael exclaims “Cachu Hwch!” (pronounced ka-hee huh), which translates to “Total f*cking disaster”.

Filmed in its entirety during lockdown, the comedy series “Staged” perfectly sums up the weird state of being stuck at home indefinitely, the awkwardness of socialising via video calls and working remotely.

The series revolves around Simon Evans, a theatre director who has had his…

We can apply the ground-breaking Post-War psychology insights in today’s marketing landscape.

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Five years before the end of World War II, the United Kingdom was struggling in its effort to defeat Germany. With France having succumbed to the Nazis, Britain was left facing the threat alone and with their dwindling military supplies and monetary assets, there was not much hope in winning the war.

Winston Churchill, Britain’s then-prime minister, called on the United States for assistance and President Franklin D. Roosevelt agreed to help by lending military supplies. Though met with opposition in Congress due to the fact that the U.S. was meant to remain neutral, an act was passed in March…

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A few months back I stumbled upon a book with a very attention-grabbing title. That book was “How to own the world” by Andrew Craig and after skimming the summary, I knew I had to read it. Before reading this book I had never read anything on personal finance or investing as it always seemed like a dry and arduous subject. However, this book definitely changed my perspective on the topic of investing and making your money work for you.

At its core, the book is about investing in a variety of assets around the world in order to build…

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